The Beginning

Muntanji, is a newly founded British Outdoor Clothing Company Headquartered in Birmingham and Created by two Veterans from the British Army who served under their local Infantry Regiment that was formed in 2007 from The Cheshire Regiment, The Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment and The Staffordshire Regiment.

It was the Regiments Adventure training packages that really opened the founder’s eyes to Adventure and Exploring taking them to places such as The Canadian Rocky Mountains, the Cenotes and Ancient Mayan ruins of Mexico and the notorious Yosemite National Park in America.

The lifestyle quickly became an obsession for the two young men leaving their barracks on a Friday morning and travelling to the great Snowdonia national park was a common occurrence and it was here on the summit of one of the mountains of the national park called Tryfan where Muntanji an idea that was often discussed around the campfire was born.

Behind the name

The two former servicemen were part of a Company/unit called Malta Company that operates within the Regiment when they found a passion for Mountain sports and really wanted to pay homage to them. For this reason, they named the company Muntanji which translates in English from the Maltese Language to Mountain.

The Mission.

We have been working excessively to make the idea become a reality by designing, Materialising and now Releasing the products we have envisioned,


Our mission has been set in place to provide top quality and high performance outdoor clothing and equipment specifically aimed at professional Outdoor athletes and the modern-day explorer, we plan to give you absolute protection, comfort and freedom on the Mountain, crag or peak and accompany you on every adventure with our products.

“ Conquering a Mountain is a great way of putting all of life’s hurdles and problems into perspective and simplifying them to their purest form ”

 We have used the challenges which come with Climbing and Mountaineering to strengthen Our mindset to accomplish Our achievements and believe that everyone should take a break from their day to day surroundings and go and witness some of the wonders we have in our country and around the world.



Muntanji are a green thinking company, lets all work together to make our planet clean. "think green live clean"

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